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Diabetes 360 : A New Direction Exclusively For iPhone

*** Version 1.8.8 is posted to address the crashing in the prior version. Please update right away and check your settings!! Contact your Diabetes Educator for assistance with settings that may have been lost during the outage. ***

Diabetes 360 is designed and built to be a total solution for Diabetics of all ages.

Based on input from medical professionals and diabetic patients, we have included functionality that allows the user to calculate insulin dosing, log it, and analyze it. Insulin dosing is computed based on glucose level as well as total carbohydrate. The carbohydrate database from the US Department of Agriculture is on the iOS device (iPhone, iPod, iPad) so it can be accessed quickly and when there is no network service available. The foods selected are seamlessly brought into the log and included in the dose calculation.

Insulin dose factors given to you by your doctor (Target Rate, Corrective Factor, and Carbohydrate Factor) can be varied by time of day as well. Diabetes 360 can also handle sliding scales to calculate insulin dosing.

There is a simple but comprehensive reminder system built into the app for Pump Site Changes, Daily Schedule (breakfast, snacks, etc), Ketone levels, and long-acting insulin dosing.

Log entries can be graphed and exported via email to doctor or imported as CSV files into a spreadsheet.

We are confident you will find Diabetes 360 to be a comprehensive solution in managing your diabetes day-to-day.

Diabetes 360 is recommended by many diabetes educators and endocrinologist throughout the country both at hospitals and their offices.

We were even mentioned in an article on WebMD recently. Click to read.

If you are upgrading from the Lite Version and need assistance, see the instructions here, or Contact Us. We are glad to help.


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