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Diabetes 360 : A New Direction Exclusively For iPhone

Upgrading From Diabetes 360 Lite

If you are upgrading from the Lite Version and you are running Diabetes 360 on iOS 5, the 20 log entries from the Lite App can be moved over to the full version using this procedure:

  1. Plug your device into your computer. It may already appear without plugging it in if Wifi Sync is enabled.
  2. Open iTunes and select "Apps" from the top horizontal menu.
  3. At the bottom under "iTunes File Sharing" click on "D360 Lite" in the "Apps" column.
  4. Save the "Diabetes.sqlite" file to disk by dragging it out of iTunes or clicking "Save To..."
  5. Rename it to another name as "Diabetes.sqlite" is already used in the full version.
  6. Select the "Diabetes360" app.
  7. Either click "Add..." and select the newly renamed file or drag it into the Diabetes360 Documents box.
  8. The new file will now appear in the Manage Logs page in the non-lite (full) version of Diabetes 360.
  9. Tap on it to make it active (a checkmark will appear next to it when tapped)
  10. Delete "Diabetes" by swiping across the row and tapping the red Delete button that appears.
  11. Be sure to Contact Us if you need any assistance in performing this procedure.
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